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Serial Mom Review

Serial mom The over-the-top nature of John Waters absolutely makes this one for the ages. Most of the performances are honestly just ok, but the writing and filming style is

Rollacrit Bag of Holding Review

I dig messenger bags and when I saw the Bag of Holding from Rollacrit was being redone for a Kickstarter I knew I had to get in on that. That

G. I. Joe Classified Cobra Ferret Scout & Cobra Ferret ATV Review

We're taking a look at the new G.I. Joe Classified Cobra Ferret ATV with driver. A nice new addition to the Classified line and yet another 1/12 scale vehicle. https://youtu.be/-NrG9WVNH64?si=Ta7JDVunuN5Sutck

SCNS Live for June 30th, 2024: Nintendo Direct, Spaceballs 2, D&D, and more.

We got Aaron back on the show with Kas, Cora, and Jason. We're talking Nintendo Direct, New movies, gaming so come and join us. https://youtube.com/live/UY9YdgGolKA

“Um Actually” D&D Edition @ Dallas Fan Expo

Our friends at the Five Sided Fates and the DFW Critter Crew invited us to play a game of Um Actually at Fan Expo Dallas and hilarity ensued. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLqTz6FybJM

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