Albert Hughes set to Direct The Continental

We’ve already heard that Lionsgate plans to produce a John Wick prequel based on The Continental. But now the Hollywood Reporter is confirming that director Albert Hughes is set to helm the movie or as we have now heard, movies.

So, the word is that director Albert Hughes will be helming the first and third installments of The Continental which is set 40 years before the events of John Wick. The Continental refers to the chain of hotels operating globally that provide not only housing but resources for the worlds best contract killers. Just the New York branch has been stated to have begun operation in 1904. The Continentals are also supposed to be neutral ground and the punishment for violating that rule has been shown to have strict punishments.  

The prequel will follow Ian McShane’s character Winston and his days as a hitman possibly documenting how he became the manager of the New York Continental. While McShane has not been confirmed to appear a rumor of a voiceover may introduce the three-part series to establish a link to the current events.

Albert Hughes, I believe is a perfect director for this gritty series with movie like The Book of Eli and Menace to Society under his belt. With the popularity of the John Wick series done well this could be a great expansion of that universe. No debut date has been set but the 3 installments will air on Starz with a 90-minute runtime. Take that last part with a grain of salt as neither Lionsgate or Starz have confirmed this and are likely waiting for the announcement of the director of the second part. Also, the next John Wick movie is currently filming and this likely will not release till after that movie has made it’s theatrical debut.

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