Archer Season 12 Debut Date Announced

One of my favorite shows just announced their next season. Archer Season 12 begins August 25 on FXX and then the next day on Hulu. The official Twitter account for the show just posted this.

Also, I find myself realized that this show has been on for 12 seasons. And while it feels like it has an inconsistent release per seasons it has actually been very reliable since its debut in 2009 though there have only been about 8 shows per season. Created by Adam Reed whose works include Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo it follows Sterling Archer and the agents and analysts of, well what ever they happen to be doing because seasons eight through ten were Archer in a coma and that was weird. Funny, but weird.

Expect more debut announcements as they become available as we roll into Comic Con this week. I miss those comic-con skits Archer would do to. Maybe we’ll get one this year?

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