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I’m not even sure how it is I’m writing about the third installment of a film I watch in 1995 a full year after it released. Kevin Smith’s 1994 film is the indy film cult classic all time winner that launched the career of the man and gave us characters Dante, Randall, Jay and Silent Bob. I can’t even begin to describe the legacy of this one film. Spinoffs, animated series, merchandise it has left its legacy. And there was still enough in the tank to produce a sequel 12 years after the original. Well here we are a full 28 years later looking at the third film of this franchise. Watch this trailer.

If this is the last film I don’t think I could be happier with what I’m seeing here. So after the second film Dante and Randall went back to what they know and reopened the Quick-Stop now under their ownership thanks to a hefty investment from Jay and Silent Bob. And after a heart attack Dante realizes he hasn’t led the life he wanted and sets out to make a film about working at the Quick Stop. I know, very meta and tongue in cheek right? Some of the lines are just straight making fun of the franchise and I love it. “A sequel? What am I a hack?” Chef’s kiss right there.

Set to release September 4th 2022 from Lionsgate the movie will bring back Brian O’Halloran as Dante Hicks, Jeff Anderson as Randal Graves, Jason Mewes as Jay, Kevin Smith as Silent Bob, Marilyn Ghigliotti as Veronica Loughran, Rosario Dawson as Becky Scott, Trevor Fehrman as Elias Grover with cameos from Fred Armisen, Sarah Michelle Gellar and of course, Ben Affleck. If this is the end let’s go out with a bang.

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