DC Fandome 2021 Teaser Trailer

DC fans it’s your time of the year because starting October 16th DC is bringing back Fandome. To get an idea of this event I can only say it’s where DC puts all the cards on the table for you. Movies, comics, games, television, merchandise, everything is being shown here. But let DC give you a tease of what you could expect this year for Fandome.

With the world having to adapt to changing conditions DC really rose to the occasion with this event. Last year with the way they released info with a schedule it kept people coming back constantly for what the next thing would be. So right off the bat we know we’re getting a new trailer for The Batman with Robert Pattinson. Last year’s was pretty good considering I watched it more than a few times, and you did to just admit it. We’ll get our first look at Black Adam with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson which has been kept under wraps so well I’m starting to wonder if there’s actually a movie. I’m kidding, The Rock would never lie to me.

Of course, we’ll cover events as they happen. Tell us what you’re excited about for this year and we’ll catch you nerds at the big show.

Jason The X

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