DC McFarlane Toys Wishlist

I’ve returned with another wishlist but this time for McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse line! Here’s the thing, I love DC. They were what I grew up with and had more knowledge of as opposed to Marvel. My love for Marvel didn’t really start until the creation of the MCU, which ultimately led me down the comic research rabbit hole. Prior to the MCU, the only characters I was familiar with, or had any real knowledge or love about, was Spider-Man, Captain America, the Fantastic Four, and Wolverine. Considering the amount of characters Marvel has, this isn’t a lot. However, the same can’t be said for DC Comics. I knew so much and fell in love with so many of its characters. To this day, I’m still a DC Comics fan boy. My love for both properties is there but the overall difference is, I WILL BUY SO MANY MORE COMICS FIGURES FROM DC. I’m a DC comics and game figure fan more than movie, but I’ll gladly take them all.

Now, I want to preface, even though I love the comic figures, I appreciate more of the classic/modern looks as opposed to the spin off comic series types such as DC Metal. Nothing against them, and I do own them, but I have passed up a couple because of my lack of knowledge on those comic series. I also have a love/hate relationship with DC figures. I always will love having a more realistic and detailed sculpt with amazing articulation, something Mattel had a lot of issues with, but I collected a lot of those figures anyway. When McFarlane toys picked up the line in 2020, I was nervous. I wasn’t much of a 7 inch figure collector and I wasn’t a fan of Mcfarlane’s plastic choice. It was to hard and I was afraid the paint would chip to easily. However, over the years, they’ve been improving and I’m actually a fan of the line. I’m not totally in love with it as I wish it was more like Marvel Legends in sculpt, size, plastic, and articulation, but considering it’s all I have right now, I’m happy with it.

Finally, as for my list, I’ve done something different. Mcfarlane doesn’t stick to the normal release. They like to make lines with stand alone releases, exclusives, and Build A Figure waves. I won’t be going by any of these but I did want to mention it. So, what I’ve done is made a list of 5 figures in 4 categories respectively. Those are comic, gaming, movies/TV, and finally Build A Figure/Deluxe (comics). I also want to state I love the Injustice 2 game. I basically want ever character off that list. You could ever go so far as to say my comic, gaming, and BAF list could be interchanged with each other and I would gladly accept either or both designs. With that said, let’s get into the list!


1. Blue Beetle

Starting off my list is one of my favorite characters (as if they all aren’t). There have been three holders of the Blue Beetle mantle. There was Dan Garret, Ted Kord, and Jaime Reyes. Each of these characters have VERY different designs but still amazing in each of their own rights. If I had to pick only one, it would be Jaime. Not only do I find his design the absolute coolest, but Todd would just go ham with his sculpt (As he would with most of the picks on my list). Plus, it’s nice to see some Latino representation in superheroes. I’ve loved Blue Beetle for years and own his Mattel and DC Icons counterparts but it’s time to see him in my newest McFarlane Collection.

2. Cyborg

BOOYAH BABY! Cyborg is just an amazing character. He is the perfect representation of not letting a tragic backstory affect you and to let it make you into a hero. We’ve gotten a decent number of comic figures in the line (sort of), more on that later, but we don’t have a comic Cyborg! We have gotten twice in the line though, one from the animated Teen Titan series and the other from Zach Snyder’s Justice League. But neither of these figures are going to blend in well with my comic display. I wouldn’t be opposed to having either a classic look or an updated modern look. Todd seems to like both as is shown with Superman and the many Batmans. It’s time we got Cyborg and slowly started completing a good comic Justice League display!

3. Wonder Woman

Speaking of classic looks we haven’t gotten for our comic Justice League display, Todd, where is my Wonder Woman?! Wonder Woman is iconic. She is a must have for any display. Here’s the thing, we have gotten 5 (upcoming 6th) Wonder Woman’s in the line so far, but none of them are the classic or modern looks. We’ve gotten a standard and golden armor version from Wonder Woman 1984, 2 versions from Last Knight on Earth, 1 from Death Metal, and an upcoming Todd Designed version. These looks are admittedly amazing, but that still doesn’t explain the lack of a classic comic version. While I can understand waiting on the rest of the league, waiting for a classic Wonder Woman just seems absurd. She not only helps with our comic Justice League display but with our Trinity! The time for her release is long past due, Todd.

4. Robotman

Here we go! Robot man was always so cool to me. I MEAN LOOK AT HIM! He wasn’t very well known in my opinion until the recent DC show “Doom Patrol”. He’s a character I never thought we’d see on the live action small screen (that goes for everyone in that show). While I personally love this character, this is another choice influenced by Todd design. Can you just imagine what Todd could sculpt for this character. It’d look amazing. This is right up his wheel house. Wacky yet modern is just his bread and butter. Not to mention, with this addition, we could see the start of a Doom Patrol display and I’m all in for that.

5. John Constantine

This should be no surprise to anyone of knows me. Who here doesn’t love us John Constantine? He’s a smart ass, kick ass, just an ass, of a character that we all love. I’d go so far as to say we love him for the same reason we love Iron Man. I’ll always take a John Constantine in any of my displays. I own the CW version in the discontinued DC Collectibles line, and I have him pre-ordered from Mezco! Unfortunately, I don’t own his Mattel version (which isn’t great anyway) but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t jump at the chance to get a McFarlane version! With the upcoming “The Demon” or Etrigan figure coming in the line, who better to have next to that rhythming brute of demon. Plus with John, it opens us up to the possibility of owning a Zatanna, Deadman, or even Swamp Thing! I’m just shaking with anticipation to see if all those are announced one day!


1. Reverse Flash (Injustice 2)

WHAT?! The Flash fan boy wants a Reverse Flash?! I know, what a shock. Everyone knows the Flash is my all time favorite DC character so of course I would want his big bad. We’ve been lucky enough to get two Flash figures and a repaint in the line so far. First was just a comic figure and a rereleased angry face two pack with Red Death. Second is from Injustice 2 in his standard outfit and Hot Pursuit look. We also have a comic version of the Reverse Flash coming too! I could die happy with that alone. As I said earlier, I personally love all the designs from Injustice 2. I will gladly take every character from that game and solely make a list of characters from it too. Reverse Flash is so important to the Flash story line but overall just look at that design! It’s so sick and just outstanding! I’m going to need it in my collection immediately.

2. Green Lantern (Injustice 2)

Green Lantern time! Not as well known of a fact but Green Lantern, specifically Hal Jordan, is my second favorite DC Hero. I jumped for joy with the announcement of a comic yet modern Hal Jordan in the line. Granted, he’s coming in a two pack with Dawnbreaker but he’s got to have a single release coming soon right? Anyway, once again from Injustice 2, I instantly fell in love with this costume. It’s just so damn techy and sleek that I can’t help but fall in love with the design. Green Lantern is actually my number 1 pick so far for the Injustice 2 line but Reverse Flash just pairs up better against Flash. I will be consistently writing to Todd begging for this design and I will also cry daily until I get it.

3. Scarecrow (Arkham Knight)

Time to live in fear! Todd has an obsession with Batman and his rogue gallery. While I think we’ve gotten to many Batman’s for the amount of figures released so far, I don’t think we have enough of his villains. Batman, like Flash, has an amazing assortment of villains to chose from and would all look amazing on our shelves. I decided to go with Scarecrow from the Arkham Knight game. This design was not only amazing but just down right creepy. It was perfect for this character. DC Collectibles made this figure years ago but unfortunately, mine broke. This figure is also up Todd’s wheelhouse. He just love complicated designs! Bring forth Crane!!!

4. Captain Boomerang (Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League)

Gotta watch out for those boomerangs! I hear you, this game hasn’t even come out so why would I want a figure from it? I’ll be honest, it’s because it’s a new game and probably the best chance we’ll get to have a Captain Boomerang figure. Todd hasn’t been known to shy away from a new design, from a new property, especially when he has the license. This is just a great addition for any Flash rogues fan and could honestly work in both a game or comic display. I have no idea whether or not I will like the game. I have full intention to get it but doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy game characters from it. Hell, a good example is I own the Avengers game Marvel Legends figures but wasn’t a fan of the game. So why Boomerang over the others? Easy, we already have a good Harley Quinn and King Shark figure thanks to the movie figs and while I would take all of them, including Deadshot (who almost took this spot), Boomerang is the one I think has a less likely chance of getting made. I’m ready for my Australian criminal to take on the Scarlet Speedster.

5. Batgirl (Gotham Knights)

Barbara Gordon is the bat character we need! Here’s another prime example of figures from games that haven’t been released. I could’ve stuck with more Injustice figures but this is a very unique case. Why? Because we are already getting Nightwing from this game! I love the looks from Gotham Knights. They’re a perfect mix of classic and modern. They all look amazing! So why’d I choose Barbara? Well, as stated already, we’re already getting Nightwing (My third favorite DC Character), and we’ve already gotten each of these characters in comic form. My decision came down to we need more female characters. With Todd’s Batman obsession, who better than Barbara to help him scratch that itch and give us another female to the shelf! Also, look at that design! It screams classic with all that purple and yellow! I want it!


1. Flash (CW TV Series)

And we’re back to my bread and butter. Flash was going to find his way on to this list one way or another. Weirdly, the CW TV series hasn’t seen a lot of love toy wise. DC Collectibles did show potential but was unfortunately cancelled years ago. Mattel dipped their toys in briefly but then just decided to drop them for more comic based figures. With so many fans made because of the TV series, you’d think these companies would want to capitalize on that. Now, I get it, the shows aren’t for everyone. They can be hit or miss, have ups and downs with their seasons, some not so great designs, the list goes on. Todd did make us one CW figure of Green Arrow very early on in the line, and while the figure isn’t life changing, it was still nice to see. With all that said, of course I would choose Flash. His series is still going and has had some pretty great suits. Grant is also a huge action figure fan. He geeked out so hard when he got his toys. The man is a national treasure and deserves some updated figures.

2. Captain Marvel/Shazam (Shazam!)

LOOK AT THIS MAN! Zachary Levi is such a huge nerd and absolutely loves this character! Hell, so do I! Shazam! is in my top 3 DC movies so far and he deserves his figure! We did get one from Mattel and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t that bad. Too bad Mattel brought up their game too late. Now, with Shazam! Fury of the Gods coming up in the next year, I have no doubt we’ll get a Shazam figure. Todd isn’t afraid of making figures from the new movies. But it’s the older movies I want figures of too. Sure, they aren’t all great but it’s still our movie universe and I still need toys from those past movies. This design is so simple and looks so good, it’s high up on my list of movie figures. Todd, you don’t even have to make the full Shazam family, this will be enough to satisfy me.

3. Deadshot (Suicide Squad)

This is why Captain Boomerang made the gaming list. In Suicide Squad, Deadshot had a more significant role in the film as opposed to Boomerang. If Todd were to go back to some of the older films, Deadshot has better chance of being made than the others. Plus, it’s Will Smith! I’ll be frank, I wasn’t a big fan of the original Suicide Squad movie. In fact, I don’t like at least half of the movies made, which makes me sad as a big DC fan. However, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t accept some of the characters. I’d gladly take everyone from this film. Deadshot is just such a menacing villain and would make a great addition to my movie display!

4. General Zod (Man of Steel)

Man of Steel is my all time favorite DCEU movie. It was beautifully written and the performances were outstanding. That said, I already own the a movie Superman in the red and blue suit. I honestly would be ok if they didn’t make any other figures from this movie but I can’t resist thinking about owning Zod. I mean, he was the big bad and was just so bad ass. Not to mention, look at that armor! He wore it through out most of the movie and it was incredible. Just imagine how amazing the sculpt would be by McFarlane! It’s time we saw our very first villain of the DCEU get the toy treatment from McFarlane.

5. Batman (The Batman)

This was inevitable. Todd loves Batman. He’s not my favorite DC hero but he’s essential. There was also no way around having Batman on a list somewhere. My choice had to be for the upcoming The Batman by Matt Reeves. Now, I understand this is a wish list and as I’ve said many times, Todd isn’t afraid to tackle new properties under his licenses. This is not only a must have, but in my mind, a guarantee. (Yes, I’m aware of the leaks but there isn’t any official release yet). I personally love the suit and I’m looking forward to the movie. I love the unique take on the characters and I’m honestly excited for the film and the potential figures. While I’ll still would like a standard DCEU Batman from Batman v Superman, I personally would rather have this design. It’s like someone pulled it from the Arkham series and slapped it on the big screen!

Build A Figure/Deluxe

1. Swamp Thing

Oh Swamp Thing. How you are so well known and not known will always baffle me. Something to note, Swamp Thing isn’t always depicted as a big guy and that’s fine, however, I want my Swamp Thing to be a biggie. Now, I should mention I’m not a big fan of Todd’s BAF’s. They aren’t very poseable, if at all, and they used way to much hard plastic. They look amazing but aren’t good on the play front. Hopefully that changes because I need a posable Swamp Thing. This dude is just an amazing character and I said earlier, would look incredible next to a John Constantine. Time for a leafy big boy.

2. Doomsday

EASY CHOICE and honestly an easy make. Doomsday is such a powerhouse. He’s iconic as the villain to kill Superman. He’s design is just so bad ass and terrifying that Todd shouldn’t have any issues making him. Honestly, we already have most of the sculpt thanks to the DC Metal Devestator. Just change up a couple things and this guy would be great. While Devestator isn’t as big as I would like for a Doomsday body, I would be ok with it just to have the killer of Superman.

3. Kilowog

On with our big boy trend is Kilowog. I love the Green Lantern Corps. so it would only make sense to give us Kilowog. He’s such an important member of the Green Lantern Corps. I honestly love the updated designs Todd’s been giving the new Green Lantern figures and I’m just dying to have that on this massive brute. Thinking of having a corps display makes me so excited, I could drive to Mcfarlane’s office and scream at the top of my lungs for it. I can’t help to imagine my big alien boy next to my John Stewart and upcoming Hal Jordan. I demand this now!

4. The Manhunters

If there was ever a figure to made into a Build A Figure, it’s the man hunters. Hell, make it a deluxe army builder! These guys were scary as shit when they appeared in the comics and Green Lantern TV Series. It’s an easy design and an easy army builder for Green Lantern fans. I could have 10 of them, flying around, trying to kill my Lanterns. Plus, this design is so simple, I guarantee there’s easy reuse here for other figures. Come on Todd, you know you want to. Just think of the displays!!!

5. Killer Croc

I honestly had a hard time picking the last figure for this list. There are so many figures that could be Build A FIgures/Deluxe releases. A few that came to mind were Clayface, Solomon Grundy, Gigantica, but I ultimately settled on Killer Croc. He’s such a big and terrifying figure that I can’t help but hope we get one soon. We’ve gotten Killer Croc in figure form before, We’ve seen Mattel take a crack with the Suicide Squad Collect and Connect, DC Collectibles has made so many it’s hard to count (3, pretty sure it’s 3). But now it’s Todd’s turn. Just think of what he could do with this character. Make him big, make him scaly, make him amazing! My King Shark needs a new friend!

I could go on forever wishing for DC figures, comic, game, movie, etc. There’s so many characters, I can’t help but want them all. Hell, I could make an entire second and third wishlist on each category alone! What do you think of my picks? Any on your list that weren’t on mine? Tell me about them! I’d love to hear what you want in the upcoming line!

Nathan “Near Plasma”

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