Deadpool and Korg React to Free Guy Trailer

Leave it to Ryan Reynolds to shock and amaze on a Tuesday. So we see the actor return to that red and black spandex suit to react to the new Free Guy trailer. But wait he brought a friend. Yes, that is Korg from the Marvel Cinematic Universe voiced by Taika Waititi.

This is some great promotion for Free Guy which releases August 13th 2021 and as they put it, only in theaters. This movie, as stated in the reaction video, was part of that Disney/Fox merger and was previously dated to come out July 3rd 2020 but was delayed due to Covid.

Okay that was hilarious and how dare they only give me a taste of this. Look I only want a buddy cop movie with these two now. Now this video was released on Ryan Reynold’s YouTube channel but this is the first inkling of Deadpool existing in the MCU. It was announced that they would be pursuing some sort of Deadpool movie after Disney paid all the money for Fox Entertainment. They previously actually used an image of Deadpool on a stock exchange listing and even Reynolds himself has teased it on his Twitter.

Look we have to come to grips that this may be all we get, which I don’t plan to do. Disney you give me this movie if you don’t want trouble. I’m only asking once, okay twice, okay look I’m begging here.

Jason The X

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