Doom Slayer Figure from Figma

There is a new Doom Slayer figure right around the corner and it’s glorious. Now look Figma toys are not cheap, but they look great, come with a ton of accessories, a stand, and a sandwich bag. Okay the bag is for your accessories, but you can get a sandwich in there.

So, there was a previous figure released by McFarlane toys, but it was, okay. This figure looks a lot more poseable and it if it’s Figma it probably is. You’ll get a chainsaw, Super Shotgun, Crucible Blade, and one B.F.G. But with all that you are also getting a very cleanly painted figure and it looks like it’ll be on the larger scale with Figma.

This figure is up for pre-order right now at the Good Smile Shop at this link Figma Doom Slayer. But the shipping actually says they will be going out in July so look for it soon. As far as your wallet this is going to run you $114.99 MSRP. I know that sounds expensive but if you’re a Figma collector you probably think that’s a deal. Can’t wait to add this to my collection, somewhere I have room.

Jason The X

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