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Just hold up. Look good nerds I didn’t want my return article to the site to be this but hey you get what you get. The trailer for Evil Dead Rise has just been set upon us and not since Smile have I felt more dread but also anticipation for a movie. Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series is one of my favorite franchises ever but let’s face it, comedy became a large part of it. Well, it looks like someone wanted to prove me wrong because this looks absolutely terrifying. Oh, and this is a red band trailer. I thought I should mention that.

Arriving in theaters April 21st, 2023 Evil Dead Rise follows estranged sisters Beth (Lily Sullivan) and Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland). Ellie is raising three children on her own in an apartment in Los Angeles. But a recently discovered book will bring about an evil putting the family in the fight for their lives. This is the fifth film in the franchise the last being Evil Dead (2013).

Producing the film will be Ghost House Pictures, founded by Sam Raimi, who worked on the previously mentioned 2013 Evil Dead. A movie I enjoyed so I’m glad to see this team on this one. Originally this was going directly to HBO Max but something must have changed because WB is opting for a theatrical release. I can see that because I have fully vested into watching this now.

Produced by New Line Cinemas and Ghost House Pictures the film is directed and written by Lee Cronin (The Hole in the Ground and 50 States of Fright). It stars Alyssa Sutherland as Ellie, Lily Sullivan as Beth, Nell Fisher as Cassie, Gabrielle Echols as Bridget, Tai Wano as Scott, Morgan Davies, and Jayden Daniels. This movie has my expectations high I must admit and I don’t feel like I’ll be disappointed. I’m not expecting any happy endings here. May have to bring my teddy bear to comfort me.

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