FFXIV Event Notice: A Nocturne for Heros

The long awaited FFXV crossover event is finally hear! The last time this event took place, it was 2019 so all new players get a chance to live the magic. This one has some stricter requirements than previous events though. Let’s get into it.

First of all, you will need a class to 50. That is not a hard task itself, however you will need to also have completed the quest “The Ultimate Weapon”, the final quest for A Realm Reborn’s base story. If you meet those requirements, then grab your weapon and head for Ul’dah to speak with Kipih Jakkya to begin ‘The Man in Black.’

“But Cora! I already did the event!” I hear you and this is where something great comes in: Event replay. What this means is, even if you have completed thge event before, you can still relive the magic by choosing the replay event option from Kipih Jakkya! BE AWARE THOUGH: You have to fully complete the event before trading things in for event prizes.

Speaking of prizes, this is what you can expect from this year’s event:
Noctis’ hairstyle
Noctis’ clothing
A tripel Triad card
and several ochestrian rolls

Obtaining these items will range from MGP to event currency. We know for certain the car, Triple Triad card, and hair will all be obtainable through MGP and the other items will be gathered through the quest line as well as fates specific for the event! You can obtain all of the items only AFTER completion of the questline!

The event will be taking place from Monday, September 13 (today) until Monday, October 18. That gives you over a month to play through the event and get any and all items you may be wanting. What are you waiting for! Let’s go help this mysterious hero from another world!

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