FFXIV Event Notice: Make it Rain 2021

Time to dust off those dice and dig out all that hoarded MGP: the Make it Rain event is finaly here! Starting on Monday, July 19 and running until Wednesday August 11, this event will allow players to make DOUBLE the MGP (Manderville Gold Points) at the Saucer. That goes for ALL games. Crystal Striker, Cuff-o-Cur, Air Force One, etc. all are up for grabs. That’s only part of the fun though.

There will also be an event-specific questline you can do. Like every year, it’s one full of fun and a little silly at times. We don’t have too many details for the questline this year, but we DO know at the end of it, we’ll be getting a new emote: Vexed

While the event is open to new and old players, there’s just a few requirements that must be met: You must be at LEAST level 15, and your must complete your Envoy quest specific to your starting city. It’s part of your Main Story Quests, so no worries about missing it. πŸ˜‰

The last, and possibly most important part of this event: Items at the saucer will have reduced prices! While this does not apply to ALL items, it does apply to quite a few. Most of the items with reduced prices are usually very expensive, so this gives all players the chance to get some really cool mounts, minions, and outfits! There will also be a special event later this year for FFXV which will feature a special mount that, in time’s past, was only available at the Gold Saucer during that time.

If this kind of event doesn’t strike your fancy, don’t worry. There’s plenty of events coming soon and we’ll keep you updated as we’re given more info.

For now, we’ll see you at the Saucer!

-Cora, part-time Gold Saucer Employee

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