First Teaser for Halo the Series

Paramount Plus has finally given us a glimpse of the long awaited live action Halo series set to debut on Paramount Plus in 2022. And I have to say I’m excited for this to finally grace the screens. Check out the teaser below.

I love writing about things I love. Halo is one of those things that was always rumored to be in development somewhere but it never made it to fruition. To be honest I thought the whole thing as a movie would be a tremendous undertaking. But a television series? Never in a thousand years. Well times have certainly changed since I had that sentiment. I still think the previous live action movie Forward Unto The Dawn was the best to bring the Halo universe to the screen but it’s been a few years and we’ve really come far in terms of effects.

Starring in the series will be Pablo Schreiber as John-117 better known as the Master Chief. Jen Taylor, after a massive fan backlash demanding she be cast in the role will be providing the voice of Cortana, Chief’s onboard AI, and Dr. Catherine Halsey one of the creators of the Spartan Project. Bokeem Woodbine will also join the series as Soren-066, Kate Kennedy as Kal-125, and Danny Sapani as Captain Jacob Keyes. The series will have a 10 episode run and Rupert Wyatt is set to direct. Look for Halo the series on Paramount Plus early in 2022.

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