G.I. Joe Action Figures Coming to Super 7

So dear readers you are reading the words of a die-hard G.I. Joe fan. Watched the original cartoon, collected all the past lines, and yes, I have cosplayed as Snake-Eyes. You’ll see that picture at the end of this article. But now Super 7 is getting even further into that eighties nostalgia as they have announced a G.I. Joe line coming to their company.

It goes without saying this field is getting crowded. Hasbro has G.I. Joe Classified, Mezco is getting into the game with two figures announced from them, and now Super 7. This teaser image was released a few days ago and teased there will be four figures in the upcoming wave.

Well today they revealed on their social media that they would be revealing the figures on July 15th and to wet your appetite they included a picture of a sweet dog giving you puppy dog eyes. Oh no that’s a wolf named Timber and he’s probably going to bite your face.

This is a sure sign that there will be a Snake-Eyes in the wave and one that I will be buying. I get all the Snake-Eyes. But that leaves three more. So right here I’m going to call this line. Snake-Eyes, Cobra Commander, Duke, and Baroness. Mark my words folks. Or don’t so I can edit this article to whatever they do show. We’ll see you Thursday when we have more details.

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