Hasbro Fan First Monday Marvel Legends

The big three from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line are back to give previews of some upcoming figures. Now we got the sneak peek at the Symbiote Suit Spider-Man on that new Retro Spider-Man buck that many fans loved. And it looked good, but a lot of fans knew this was going to lead into a new line and we were right as the next line of Spider-Man Classics was on deck for preview.

So first up is that positively great looking Symbiote Spider-Man which will be taking the spot on my shelf for that figure.

But we’re not done with that buck because we’re also getting the Ben Reilly suit on that same body. Also going to replace the current Ben Reilly figure on my shelf.

But then we get to the Spider Armor Mk 1. Talk about a figure the community has been crying out for. He’s also got some new web effects. I like the ones that we got with the Spider Armor figures from the video game so it’s nice to see some new ones.

No here’s a figure that I missed out on. The new Hobgoblin is based off his appearance in the Spider-Man Animated Series. Either way it’s filling a hole in my collection. I also appreciate the spandex look versus the chain mail that we see with the Green Goblin to further differentiate the two characters.

And finally getting a release that isn’t just an alternate head, Hammerhead gets a full on figure on that new Happy Hogan buck. Love the knuckles on this one.

Lastly Shocker is getting a new figure with some different features than the previously released one. Honestly, I like the previously released suit over this one but it does allow for some variety for a collector that may feel differently.

But we did get some other announcements for other retro figures. First up is a Sam Wilson Falcon figure repaint of that mold that we got recently. The wings are a not translucent this time but honestly is it impossible to include a Redwing?

And Loki is getting two figures. One classic with two heads and a pair of daggers that were previously released with the movie Drax figure. But one that I missed out on before is the female version of Loki they are apparently calling Trickster Loki. This figure was previously released in the A-Force pack that I regret missing to this day.

Preorders for these go up today at 1:00 p.m. ET on Hasbro Pulse so don’t miss out.

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