Hasbro Fan First Monday: Marvel Legends

Hasbro just held a Fan First Monday and the reveals had been rumored for awhile but now we can confirm we’re getting a classics styled Fantastic Four line. Confirmed in the line will be The Psycho Man, The High Evolutionary, and the other members of The Fantastic Four.

Psycho Man will have his first appearance in the Hasbro Marvel Legends and he looks pretty good. First Introduced in 1967 in Fantastic Four Annual #5 he uses his Control-Box to pay on his victims emotions which we see recreated with the figure.

Also for a first in Hasbro Marvel Legends we’re getting a High Evolutionary. First appearing in The Mighty Thor #133 he uses his advanced intelligence for advanced inventions in medicine, cybernetics, and various other sciences.

The other reveals are of course Marvel’s First Family with and all new Redd Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm.

We also found out we’re getting some exclusive members with a flame off Human Torch and a translucent Invisible Woman.

The updated us on one of the stretch goals for the Haslab Galactus with images of the Frankie Raye Nova figure that also includes a flaming flight stand that will fit in the hand of the Galactus figure.

And lastly the announcement of a three pack with Cannonball, Domino , and Rictor from X-Force. In this pack we’ll get Sam Guthrie with a set of legs, blast effect, and alternate head. Domino will have her 90’s costume and Rictor will have some energy effects. It will be a Disney Shop and Hasbro Pulse exclusive.

I mean none of these announcements were relatively new per say but these are some picks for Marvel Legends. Also please check out the stream in its entirety on Hasbro Pulse’s official YouTube.

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