Hawkeye Trailer for Disney+

Two archers for the price of one? I’ll take it. Hawkeye debuts this November 24th, 2021 on Disney+. But today we get the first trailer for that series. Check it out.

Already I’m liking what I see. Clint trying to connect with his family only for someone to have assumed his previous Ronin persona. Now I thought this was going to mirror the comics and this is how Echo The Deaf was going to debut but they threw us comic readers for a loop again as it’s revealed to be none other than Kate Bishop instead. Hailee Steinfeld will be taking on the role of Kate Bishop and I can’t say enough for her acting ability. Been a fan of hers since True Grit. The previously mentioned Echo/ Maya Lopez will be played by Alaqua Cox and Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova will also be in the series but if you saw Black Widow and stayed till the credits you would know this already. And yes for you comic fans, Lucky the Pizza Dog will also appear. The series will only have 6 episodes concluding on December 29th.

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