He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Trailer

There’s another Masters of the Universe cartoon on Netflix. This series is may be aimed at a younger audience but I have to say it looks good. Look at this trailer.

And we have a bit of an original take on the MOTU franchise. What I’m seeing here is reminiscent of the Thundercats reboot we saw a few years ago on Cartoon Network. This series is being developed by Mattel Television and DreamWorks Animation Television and this is going to be more family oriented. No word on if this may crossover with the She-Ra series. The official synopsis reads.

On the planet of Eternia, a young lost prince discovers the powers of Grayskull and transforms into He-Man, Master of the Universe! The classic battle between He-Man and evil Skeletor rages to new heights as both hero and villain forge new and mighty teams. A new generation of heroes fighting for the fate of us all. In the end, who will become MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE?

The series will debut September 16th 2021 on Netflix

Jason The X

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