Heels Trailer Debut

A wrestling show about the drama of wrestling? Okay I’m in but I’d like to point out we had a good thing with Glow on Netflix but there a new wrestling drama show in town as Heels releases its first official trailer.

Set to premiere August 15th, 2021 the series is about two brothers trying to keep their father’s wrestling promotion DWL alive. Brothers Jack and Ace Spade play different sides of the wrestling yin and yang. The good guy (The Face) and the bad guy(The Heel). Stephen Amell set to star as Jack Spade is no stranger to wrestling having competed in WWE and Ring of Honor but while he was never injured in those promotions did break his back during the filming of episode 1 of this series back in October of 2020. Someone get this man a stunt double. He’s actually super nice and I’d like him to stay alive.

The series will have 8 episodes and will be exclusively on Starz.

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