Hit-Monkey Series Coming to Hulu

One of the best assassins in the Marvel Universe is getting his own series on Hulu. No not the Punisher, not Deadpool, not Bullseye, it’s Hit-Monkey. You read that correctly.

Okay just bear with me as I lay this out. So a very talented assassin named Bryce who will be voiced by Jason Sudeikis fled for his life after being marked for death. He was nearly killed and brought back from the brink of death by a troop of Japanese Macaques monkeys. Sadly, there was one monkey that objected to his presence and he was proven right as the men who had been looking for Bryce found him killing him and the monkeys who had protected him. The last survivor was Hit-Monkey who took up the guns of the assassin and swore to kill all responsible. Along the way becoming one of the deadliest contract for hire killers in the Marvel Universe. Having said all that, you guys must understand just how good he is. Deadpool fears the skills of Hit-Monkey. He’s an accomplished marksman and martial artist and I can’t believe I’ve written this.

Hit-Monky will debut on Hulu November 17th, 2021. Fred Tatasciore will voice the titular character as he’s guided by the ghost of Bryce voiced by Jason Sudeikis. Olivia Munn, George Takei, and Ally Maki will also be in the series.

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“This is probably gonna be my favorite Marvel series. Follow me @JasonTheX

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