Lego Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck Set

Horizon Zero Dawn easily made its way into the game of the year for me. The art style, the game mechanics, and the beautiful creature designs kept me coming back for more than a few runs. One of the most awe-inspiring moments was when the giant creatures the Tallnecks were revealed. These were Communication Class machines that allowed you to uncover more of the map if you climbed them and hit them with an override with your spear. Needless to say given their height it was not small feat to figure out the climbing pattern to reach the top of their heads. So how do you make this moment better, you make it a Lego set. Coming in May you can get your own Tallneck set with a mini Aloy figure from the game Horizon Forbidden West.

So you guys can expect on May 1st I’ll be at the door of the Lego Store grabbing this set. Yes I love Legos and while I don’t get everything I will find myself grabbing a set from time to time just to have that magic in my life for a bit. The Tallneck will stand over 13 inches tall. Along with it you also get a Watcher robot and a mini Aloy. At 1222 pieces this set will run you $79.99. You may want to go ahead and clear some shelf space.

Jason The X

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