Lord of the Rings Amazon Series gets Release Date

Amazon spent 250 million dollars for the rights to produce a television series based on Lord of the Rings. So, when they aren’t spending a ton of money to throw billionaires into space and bring them back, they’re actually doing something smart with their money. I love the Lord of the Rings series. Having seen all the movies several times over the years a television series is very enticing. But all that aside we get our first full official look at the upcoming series.

So, this series will be a prequel to the movies set during the Second Age and is being done between Amazon and the Tolkien estate no Warner Bros. involvement. The series began filming in New Zealand in February 2020 an details have been surprisingly scarce. No leaks, pictures from the set and no information from the studio. The series will premiere September 2, 2022, and a second series has already been ordered. What is known is that this series is expected to be very expensive to produce. Each season is expected to cost 150 million per season. The first season will have an eight-episode run released weekly. Starring in the series will be Robert Aramayo, Megan Richards, Trystan Gravelle, Owain Arthur, Lenny Henry, Benjamin Walker, Nazanin Boniadi, Daniel Weyman, and many more.

Look Amazon is killing it with the series it is producing. Hell, as I write this article I’m watching the first season of The Tick on Amazon, which should totally be brought back. I love The Boys, Invincible, and many of their movies so I cannot deny their track record for success. Also, this is freaking Lord of the Rings I cannot write anymore without this article devolving into quotes from the books and general nerd spasms. Now we wait.

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