Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Wishlist

It’s no secret that I (Nathan) love MCU figures. I actually prefer them over comic figs. Nothing against comic figures, but I love the movies and the overall realism they put into the sculpts, paint, and designs. It just speaks to me and says, you want these super detailed figures at an amazing price!

This past year, the Marvel Legends team announced they’d be going back and would be giving us some much needed characters from the Infinity Saga. Fans, like myself and Jason, rejoiced as they announced characters we’ve been asking for and characters we had no idea we wanted or thought would ever be made. Those figures are listed below.

While these figures are currently hitting shelves, this got me wanting even more MCU figures. Granted, I don’t have to wait long with the upcoming Eternals, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and What If? figures on the way. But those are NEW figures and properties. What about more from the old movies? What about more characters and missed opportunities? Isn’t that the point of the Infinity Saga wave? I believe we should get another set of figures since the Hasbro team did this twice now, once with the 10th Anniversary figures and now Infinity Saga. So, if we were to get another wave, what figures would I personally want? A lot. But that’s not the point of this exercise. First off, I’m restricting myself to a similar release of the Infinity Saga figures. I’ll do 10 total, some as singles, two packs, and deluxe releases. However, I won’t be assigning exclusives, even though we all know those are inevitable, but I may mention which would most likely be an exclusive release.

1. Iron Man Mark 6 from Iron Man 2

2. Captain America from Captain America: The First Avenger

3. Hawkeye from Avengers: Age of Ultron

4. Korath from Guardians of the Galaxy

This was both an easy choice and a tough one. I knew I wanted to add a character from the Guardians movies to this list, and while there are plenty to choose from that aren’t the main cast, I had to pick just one for this list. I decided we should go with Korath from the first movie. This may be influenced by his recent appearance in What If? but it helped me make the decision. While I would also like characters like Stakar, Kraglin, or Ayesha, Korath just gives me another space character that I could put into two different displays! Loved him on both the big and small screen and he would be a welcome addition to my Marvel Legends collection!

5. Kaecilius from Doctor Strange

This was another tough choice to make. There are so many characters from the Doctor Strange movie that I’d like to add to my collection. I want Wong, an updated Mordo, or the Ancient One. But each of those characters (with the exception of the Ancient One) will have more appearances in upcoming movies such as Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, so I have to have hope they’ll be made eventually. What my decision boiled down to is we need more villains. Kaecilius was an awesome villain and was just so overwhelmingly powerful. He had such a simple, yet unique, design and I’ve been wanting him for years in toy form.

6. Abomination Deluxe Figure from either The Incredible Hulk or onward

7. Thor and Malekith 2 pack from Thor: The Dark World

8. Whiplash and Iron Man Mark 5 two pack from Iron Man 2

9. Ned and Shocker two pack from Spider-Man Homecoming

10. The Warriors Three from ANY Thor Movie

Alright guys, final figures on the list. While Thor isn’t my favorite franchise, even I acknowledge the importance of these guys. They were in every Thor movie! Why haven’t we gotten them in Legends?! Make it a three pack, package them together, and I’ll happily display them next to Thor and Lady Sif! Their screen time may have decreased in each passing Thor movie but they were still there! This one is a no brainer.
I can see this one being exclusive to Amazon.

There you go! That’s my wish list for a second wave of MCU Infinity Saga figures. Do you guys agree? Any characters you’d like to see? Let me know!
Look our for more of my wish list figures articles to come!

Nathan “Near Plasma”

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