Metroid Dread Review

So, it’s been about a week, and I have thoroughly enjoyed Metroid: Dread. Apparently by by the sales of this one, so have a lot of other gamers out there. But is it any good, how does it play, is it as hard as people are saying? Well, you’re on this review so clearly, you’re wanting to know.

First off, the game is a lot of fun. This is old school side scrolling Metroid Only it’s been giving a serious upgrade in graphics. Background animations can get lost in some of the playing but it’s certainly beautiful. I great up on side scrolling adventure games so it’s not something that should be lost. But that also gets me back to that nostalgia of playing old school Metroid games. Sometime simple can be good and by no means is this a simple game. The control is very fast. All your powers are accessible at all times and figuring out the button combinations will not be easy to execute without some practice. Lucky for y’all there is a learning curve as you gain these abilities back so that you can get accustomed to them but the game gets more difficult, so you better get to it.

Now I’ve seen some saying the game is hard well I’m going to agree with them. This game does scale up in difficulty so you’re going to find yourself repeating some stages sometimes just due to the fact you don’t have the certain skill you need to advance past it. Exploration has always been a huge part of Metroid games so some may not enjoy it it’s what Metroid is. But while frustration can be a big contributing factor, I’m still having fun. Now I haven’t completed but I’m pretty sure I’m a solid 6 hours in but mind you I complete games. I want the full experience so just ignore my playthrough time. I’ve heard you can complete it straightforward in about 6 to 7 hours.

To sum it up, I love the game and I will be sad when this one is over. Hopefully there’s more after I finish it. I’m sure before I reach the end, I’ll have some more moments of rage after having been beaten by the same boss 30 times, but it just means that I need to get better. Solid 4 out 5 for Metroid Dread.

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