Metroid Prime Trilogy Rerelease Rumor

So, I guess I get to post my first editorial and rumor at the same time. First off, I love the Metroid series, like from day one NES. The lack of love for the subsequent releases has been a daily source of grumpiness for me. Metroid has had no love for the past few years. Finally we did get confirmation and a trailer for the upcoming Metroid Dread set to be released alongside Nintendo new Switch OLEM. Now Nintendo doesn’t seem to want the money I’m willing to give them for some rerelease love on anything Metroid. Not while that damn Link keeps continuing to be their golden boy.

Well Nintendo may have finally seen me doing the Futurama Fry gif of “Shut up and take my money!” when it comes to anything Metroid as the rumor is we’re getting a Metroid Prime Remaster of the entire trilogy. Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat who has been a source of inside info in the past was quoted as saying that the game was done but Nintendo was looking for the right time to release the game. Now the word is we’re still going to see a Metroid Prime 4 at some point in the future. Seems like a perfect opportunity to bring new players into the series before the sequel releases.

I’m going to also remind everyone this is rumor and also hopefulness that I finally get to get some blasting in as one of my favorite armored bounty hunters.

Jason The X

“Yes Samus is my favorite armored bounty hunter, all respect to The Mandalorin, but she’s the OG.” Follow me @JasonTheX”

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