Moon Knight Big Game Spot

With it being big game day there’s going to be a lot of trailers dropping. And Marvel is all about that hype building so along with Dr. Strange we’re getting another teaser for Moon Knight. Now there’s not much new here but hey. It’s Moon Knight so I want to see it.

It’s got some cool shots I’ll give you that. I love seeing the cape hit that crescent moon shape. I’m betting that that crescent dart has some sort of magical properties. Though those used to be smaller in more modern stories, and toys, it’s become a larger thrown weapon. I’m loving that the suit seems like it’s alive and molding around his body which would explain that cape taking that shape in midair. I like that we’re leaning more into the supernatural with Moon Knight as I think it could make him a standout in a field that’s getting more and more crowded with superheroes. Now we can’t talk about this character without acknowledging some of the more violent aspects of Marc Spector. This could possibly be the most violent character introduced in the current MCU. Yes I know the Punisher exists but that was Netflix and until I see Frank Castle in this universe my comment stands

With Moon Knight just around the corner from release I honestly expected more. The series will debut March 30, 2022 and it will have a six episode run on Disney Plus.  Mohamed Diab will direct four episodes along with Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead directing two of them. Oscar Issac will play the lead role of Marc Spector/ Moon Knight along with Ethan Hawke s Arthur Harrow, Gaspard Ulliel as Anton Mogart/ Midnight Man, and May Calamawy as Layla DeCriscio.

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