Netflix’s Lucifer to End After Six Seasons

A showrunner with the Netflix show Lucifer has confirmed the series will end with season six. Joe Henderson while announcing the panel for this year’s SDCC@Home responded to fan who asked would the show be renewed responded with a definite no.

But as a fan of the show that saw its cancellation and renewal to Netflix I can honestly say that I think the show has had a great run and allowing the cast to go out on their own terms while moving on to other projects would probably be best. Now I don’t think Lucifer Morningstar is done in the DCEU though as we have seen the character pop up on CW in their yearly event. Also let’s not forget this show was supposed to end with Season 5 but Netflix renewed it again and with over a billion views on the streaming platform I wonder if Netflix would want to squeeze just a little bit more out of the series.

So fans make sure to tune into SDCC@Home this year on July 24th PST to see if we get more information. Whatever happens I’ve enjoyed this show and it’s wonderful cast. See you all at SDCC.

Jason The X

“Yeah I said the cast was wonderful, especially Aimee Garcia. Follow me @JasonTheX”

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