New 1000Toys Master Chief Mjolnir Mark VI Armor Up for Pre Order

Oh 1000Toys. I love you but you did me wrong on our last go around. So I collect a few high end toys and let me tell you 1000Toys is definitely on the high end side. I’ve bought they’re previous Hellboy and Abe Sapien figures and the Dante and Nero from Devil May Cry. Then I bought their Master Chief in his Gen 1 armor, and I was, disappointed. I will post that review at the end of this article.

But you know what I’m also weak when it comes to new Master Chief figures as I absolutely love the Halo franchise and I need to have my favorite character given the best representation possible and I’m hoping that this is that version.

Coming in with two versions a standard and a deluxe the RE:EDIT HALO INFINITE 1/12 SCALE MASTER CHIEF MJOLNIR MARK Ⅵ [GEN 3] comes with his MA40 assault rifle, the CQS48 Bulldog, and a classic Covenant Sword. Price on the regular version will be $170.00 USD. Preorder at this The deluxe version will have Elite Bloodblade energy sword and a Brute Shock Rifle. Look to see if more pre orders open here. This version will is priced at 165.00 and is sold out on the 1000 Toys website at this time.

Look I want this to be good and even with the disappointment over that last Master Chief I’m willing to give them another shot. Look for this release November 2021.

Jason The X

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