New DC Animated Movie Green Lantern: Beware my Power

One of the best Green Lanterns is getting his own animated movie and it’s great. This July 26th, 2022 will be the first movie to star what some from the Justice League Unlimited fandom consider their Green Lantern, John Stewart. Look at this trailer.

Oh yeah, I am digging this right here. I have always been an admirer of John Stewart. The man is a Marine, architect, he was Hal Jordan’s replacement for Earth for some time, and after he lost his ring like all the other Lanterns in Emerald Twilight, he went on to lead the Darkstars recruiting other members of the Corp. So, to say the man has had a rich history in comics is truly an understatement. But the one thing about John in the current continuity is just that he’s always been there. In the JL animated series we just accepted that John was the Green Lantern and to be honest I loved that. But with this movie we get a true kind of updated origin to one of the greatest ring slingers in the Green Lantern Corp.

So, this story sees a Guardian delivering a ring to John now normally John would be transported to OA to begin his immediate training. However, it looks as if the Corp and the Thanagarians are currently in a war with the Rann, so this is probably the worst time to be recruited as now John with help from others in the Justice League need to join the fight. And John looks to be the sole Green Lantern against an army of The Sinestro Corp led by fallen Green Lantern Sinestro.

Green Lantern: Beware my Power will see Aldis Hodge in the role of John Stewart/Green Lantern. Accompanying him will be Jimmi Simpson and Green Arrow, Ike Amandi as Martian Manhunter, Brian Bloom as Adam Strange, Jamie Gray Hyder as Hawkgirl, and Rick D. Wasserman as Sinestro. Green Lantern: Beware My Power is directed by Jeff Wamester and will release on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital media July 26th, 2022.

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