New Figures for Power Rangers Lightning Collection

Being a toy collector sometimes I have to give my wallet a little pep talk when new toys are announced. Today the crew over at Hasbro announced a new two pack and a fan favorite character would be coming to the line.

So first up is a two pack with Astronema and Ecliptor from Power Rangers in Space. This set will be exclusive to Amazon and while we’ve had Astronema released before she has a different wig on as the character changed he hair more than a few times on the show. This is cool guys, but two is going to be my limit. But the real draw for me is the Ecliptor figure for his first time in the line. He was Astronema’s second in command and had a cool look. I truly love some of the monster designs from Super Sentai and Ecliptor is up there as one of my favorites. Both characters will have multiple hands and energy effects with Ecliptor having his signature sword and Astronema her staff.

And then we have Finster. During the Mighty Morphin era Finster was the main guy for our monster of the week. Creating everything from Puttys to Eye Guys Finster made it all. And just look at it. The face is faithfully recreated and he even comes with multiple tools that can fit in his apron. He also has a magnifying glass for closer inspections of his work and a case with some mini putty patrollers. The figure will also be exclusive to Amazon.

Preorders are now up on Amazon here and here. Go get them while they last guys.

Jason The X

“I’m hoping for a two pack with Squatt and Baboo now. Make it happen Hasbro! Follow me on socials @JasonTheX”

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