New Marvel Legends announced from Hasbro

It’s a good day when they I find out I’m getting new toys from those boys over at Hasbro. Hasbro hosted one of their Fan First events on their YouTube channel and the main reveal was the new What If…? wave. Check that out at the bottom of the page.

But our wave is looking pretty good the main thing is the style of the figures is quite different from the MCU and comic looks and follows the art of the series being a bit more cartoon like. We’ll see version of Star-Lord (T’Cahlla), Nebula, Captain Carter, Zombi Hunter Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Zombie Captain America. The best thing is the build a figure for this line will be Uatu the Watcher.

There is also going to be a deluxe release of Captain Carter’s sidekick Hydra Stomper. It’s also going to be compatible with the Captain Carter figure to ride into battle.

But it’s not all about What If..?, even though it totally is. They showed us another cosmic character as a Walgreen’s exclusive and it’s Binary who’s another version of Marvel’s Carol Danvers.

If you missed the awesome Vulture BAF from the Spider-Man line a few years ago complete as a Target exclusive with some new paint apps and accessories.

And we saw her before but the Avenger Tigra will get a long overdue remake with some good looking articulation.

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