New Marvel Shows Announced for Disney Plus

So, Marvel on their Twitter just dropped a slew of new announcements and some that we already knew of on their Twitter. The @MarvelStudios account dropped a bunch of new title cards as well which we’ll be covering and showing you.

First off, Agatha House of Harkness sees the return of Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness. Because honestly why would you not bring her back considering how viewers just loved her depiction of the powerful Agatha Harkness. We first learned of this a few months ago as a rumor but it’s now officially announced. No details were announced but Kathryn is also going to be appearing in other media within the MCU. I guess it was Agatha all along.

Next up for a new announcement we are getting some X-Men! As an all new series, but it’s the 1997 version of the X-Men Animated series. This is one of the most beloved versions of the X-Men. We’ve seen comic resurgence, action figures, and other merchandise since the original was released on Disney Plus. Set to debut in 2023 they are set to bring back the original voice actors Lenore Zann, George Buza, Cal Dodd, Adrian Hough, Catherine Disher, Chris Potter, and Alyson Court. And joining the cast will be Jennifer Hale, Ray Chase, Matthew Watterson, Jeff Bennet, and Anniwaa Buachie. But it gets better because consulting on the series will be Erica and Julia Lewald the original writers and director Larry Houston. Fandom, I am crying with you on this one.  Play that theme song!

Now everyone has always wary of the relationship between Sony and Disney with the ownership of Spider-Man. Sony is clearly taking the reigns of the characters they own and creating their own universe with the Spider-Man license. But Marvel can still make animated shows and will be going forth with a new Spider-Man animated show called Spider-Man Freshman Year. Now we don’t know what relationship this show will have with our current movie Spider-Man but with Into the Spider-Verse we know there’s room for more depictions of everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Look for this one sometime in 2023.

The rest are mainly title cards for shows that were already announced, in production, or post-production. Ms. Marvel we know has been shifted back to a later date in 2022. Moon Knight Starring Oscar Issac who look likes he’s ready to beat some villains down if that last video we saw of his training is any indication. I can’t wait for more details on some of these shows as I’m excited for this list.

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