New Poster for Morbius Movie

The Morbius movie may have been pushed back but you best believe Sony is going to keep the hype alive till April 1st. With a couple of months to go I’m expecting a new trailer even though I think that last one was perfect. We do have a new poster depicting a little bit more of the cast.

It’s cool and all. I think the previous one was a bit better. The normal look in a movie that’s going to be anything but doesn’t grab me. Don’t get me wrong I am very hype for this movie. Morbius is one of those characters that you can take and tweak to make the content more appealing to a broader audience. Anyone that’s a fan of the comic character will be happy that the character is on screen and won’t be complaining too much. And they shouldn’t, it’s Morbius be happy it’s made it this far.

Morbius is set to release April 1st, 2022 directed by Daniel Espinosa and starring Jared Leto/ Michael Morbius, Matt Smith /Loxias Crown, Tyrese Gibson/ Simon Stroud, and Michael Keaton/ Adrian Toomes.

Jason The X

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