New Reveals for Hasbro Pulse-Con 2021

It’s exclusive season time. Besides the heat threatening to kill us all collectors look forward to this time of the year as we get to see all the exclusives that we may or may not get. Mind you the want may still be there but there’s an if too, I digress.

Hasbro just revealed 3 exclusives that will be available for Hasbro Pulse-Con happening this year. And this first is a throwback to the line that brought back Star Wars toys, Power of the Force.

Yes, young Jason hunted up and down to get the original set of these. The Cantina Showdown scene is one of the most iconic scenes on the Star Wars lore as it’s the first time we saw how deadly a light saber can be. Before nefarious individuals known as Ponda Baba and Dr. Evazan could beat Luke Skywalker into pudding Obi-Wan Kenobi defused the situation by chopping the arm off of Ponda Baba ending his career in architecture design. You’ll get three figures in the set but sadly I don’t see a detachable arm for Ponda. Nothing a little modification won’t fix.

The next one is for X-Wing pilot Trapper Wolf from The Mandalorian. You may be thinking who cares about a random pilot? Well take a closer look because that character was played by none other than director, screenwriter, animator, and cowboy, Dave Filoni. And yes, I am grateful but what’s up with getting a Carson Teva as well?

And lastly in The Vintage Collection there will be an Emperor Palpatine figure with his throne and a window showing the Battle that was taking place above Endor. He’ll come with his cane and some lighting effect hands to go along with your Darth Vader and Luke figures.

This most certainly won’t be the last of reveals as we get closer to this event and SDCC @Home. Give your wallet a pep talk because I think it’s going to need it.

Jason The X

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