New Rocketeer Series Coming to Disney+

Debuting in 1982 The Rocketeer was created by Dave Stevens as part of Pacific Comics. Only a few chapters were dedicated to the character, but the biggest release is a cult classic movie from Disney that has been tragically ignored for years. But after 30 years Disney is finally looking to bring new life to the character.

Now there has been talk of a new Rocketeer since 2012 but nothing ever came of it.  Even some talk of rebooting it as a team called The Rocketeers. But after reports of a new script that was written by Azia Squire (Tiny Pretty Things, Grey’s Anatomy) and director J.D. Dillard (The Twilight Zone, Utopia) being attached to the project we have an official title. The sequel will officially be called The Return of the Rocketeer and is rumored to have David Oyelowo in the starring role.

He is rumored to be playing a former Tuskegee Airman who somehow gets the jetpack. I find this interesting considering the movie was set in 1938 and the first announcement of Black airmen was in 1940. Although in the original movie the rocket pack was destroyed, I’m sure that it wasn’t the only rocket pack that was developed.

I have been anxious for something to be done with this property on the screen. Though there was an animated series focusing on Kit Secord the grand daughter of the original Rocketeer it was canceled despite positive reviews. I’m hoping for big things for this series till they actually make real rocket packs so I can live out my own dreams of high-speed flight.

Jason The X

“Yes, I am fully aware that I would die within seconds of getting my own jetpack. Follow me on socials @JasonTheX”

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