New Spider-Man: No Way Home Marvel Legends

As we get closer and closer to the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home it means more merch for the movie will be hitting the shelves. And what a superhero movie without some action figures.

Marvel Legend will be releasing a Spider-Man wave of figure to coincide with the film release and the first one we have here is the new suit for our boy Peter Parker.

I’m liking the gold and the throwback to the Iron Spider design. Once again, we see those gauntlet pieces that were present on that costume as well. We will have to see where this suit will play into the movie.

Now this one is a strange one. This looks like some sort of stealth suit, and I have to say the gold, black, and red is striking. I do not see that element from the first suit so my theory of nanotech being used is not valid here, or is it?

Now it is always good to get a new Dr. Strange in the MCU considering my opinions of his other figures has been “not quite right”. But the energy disc accessories finally get that effect right which is something we have not seen. And I think the head sculpt is the best we have gotten so far.

OH BOY! We got a new J. Jonah Jameson figure! But not just that this is a J. Jonah played by the J.K. Simmons. Now we’ve seen a movie figure of the desk pounding editor demanding pictures of Spider-Man but this is the first time we’ve been blessed with the visage of the man Mr. Simmons. And it does look a lot like him. This one is a must have for me. Mainly because it is about damn time.

Well, that’s four figures from the wave which means we have 2 – 3 to go and the possible announcement of a build a figure. But wait I got one more! There is another announcement from Hasbro, and it is a Pulse-Con exclusive. Coming this Fall we will be getting a Spider-Man animated series Venom.

This Venom will see two alternate heads, two sets of hands and a paint job that captures that unique paint scheme we saw on the character in the show. This listing is also up right now on Hasbro Pulse.

So what other figures will we see in this upcoming wave? More movie figures or some comic one? Keep it here for more details as they come.

Jason The X

“Man I’m running out of room for figure but I’ll find some room to welcome this guy into my home.”

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