New Tomb Raider Game in Development

Crystal Dynamics has just dropped some new information on the Tomb Raider game after announcing it last year. And it’s going to be powered by the Unreal Engine 5. Now there’s not much more to reveal on that but this website is new so I’m going to talk about it. Now it’s been said this game will finally bridge the gap from Lara’s early days to the seasoned adventurer we all know and love. Honestly, I’ve loved how these newest games started showing me where Lara came from. Look you don’t just get the tank top and instantly become a badass. You must earn that.

But while I say that I’ve enjoyed the rise of the Tomb Raider, see what I did there, I do want to finally see good ol tank top wearing, dual pistol wielding, sunglasses Lara. One of my favorite moments o the rebooted game is the moment she went from crying hostage victimized by a band of thugs to machine gun wielding screaming like a banshee while those same thugs ran for their lives. It’s a good moment.

That all being said that Unreal Engine 5 from Epic is getting some work this games season with the newest Witcher and Fortnite so I’m glad to see it’s going to be applied to one of my favorite franchise games. You can find more information on that here. Unreal Engine 5

Now give me more than promises Crystal Dynamics. I want screenshots, trailers, and a solid game in my hands before my birthday. What are we talking 2 years here? See you then.

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