Nope Official Trailer

Jordan Peele has established himself as one of the most talented people in fil currently. Certainly his forays in the world of comedy are hilarious but his ventures into horror have been equally as successful. When I watched Get Out I kept wondering what just happened to this man? Who hurt him to come up with something that chilled me to the bone? Well here we go again with the first trailer for his upcoming film Nope. I have thoughts good readers.

I have no idea what this movie is about, and I’m scared as hell. This is a perfect trailer revealing nothing but enticing me to watch. As a person of color I do appreciate the historical fact that begins this trailer but the moment quickly passes as a dark cloud approaches, literally. Keke Palmer is introduced asJill Haywood the owner of a black owned horse ranch primarily for use in films. Daniel Kayluuya plays James Haywood and is co owner of the ranch. We do see Steven Yeun who plays Brian as well looking up at something that shocks him. There’s imagery in this trailer where I’m left asking is this an alien movie? Is it demons as revealed by a veil being blown up on one lady’s face revealing something horrible? I have no idea and that’s left me wanting more.

Nope will be released July 22,2022

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