Pixar’s Lightyear Trailer

It’s getting close to the summer so now’s the time to run all those trailers for the films that will be dropping in the movie money making theater time. But this is just one of those movie’s I didn’t expect but considering the source, I’m down for it. Check out the first trailer for the upcoming Lightyear from Pixar.

I mean, that doesn’t sound like Tim Allen, but you know what? If Captain America Chris Evans wants to voice Buzz Lightyear then make it so. I’m mixing my genre’s here. I am interested in this because this isn’t the first time a spin off of adventures of the galaxies greatest space cop. The animated Buzz Lightyear series was very good and established the space ranger as having his own adventures as the character and not the toy. Look if you haven’t seen Toy Story I understand how all this is confusing.

The plot of the story has a colony of humans stuck on an outpost in the outer reaches of space for a year finally coming up with the means to leave and get help. This has our space ranger Buzz setting out on an experimental craft to do just that. Along the way it looks like he’s going to encounter some new and some familiar faces. Please let Frank Welker be the voice of Zerg, it’s all I’m asking.

So far the only announced cast members are Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear and Taika Watiti in an unknown role. Lightyear will be directed by Angus McLane and releases on June 17th, 2022.

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