Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 10 Reveals

It has been a few years since Power Rangers Lightning Collection was introduced from Hasbro and this line doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon. Hasbro held another Fans First Friday this morning on their YouTube channel and while there was an announcement for zords returning to the line, role play weapons, and sneakers the real meat was in the Lightning Collection announcements.

So, the first one is a figure of the Phantom Ranger from Power Rangers Turbo and In Space. The figure will have two blast effects, 2 sets of hands, and his Turbo Navigator Weapon. This is the first figure for Turbo in Lightning Collection.

The next figure is the Power Rangers in Space Pink Ranger. Cassie Chan will have a helmeted and civilian head, 2 pairs of hands, the Astro Blaster, Satellite Stunner, and an unique energy effect for it not yet seen in the line. This will make the fourth ranger for In Space.

Adding to your Power Rangers Dino Charge team will be Dino Charge Green Riley Griffin. Riley will have his Dino Charge Morpher, Dino Saber, helmeted and civilian heads, 2 pairs of hands, and an energy effect. This brings our Dino Charge figure count up to 4.

And last but not least we get Zeo Yellow as Tanya Sloan brings our Zeo Ranger count up to 5. And with Pink just around the corner a complete team isn’t that far away. Tanya will come with helmeted and civilian heads, Zeo Pistol, Zeo Blade, two double clubs, and energy effect, and 2 pairs of hands.

But we can’t have rangers without something to fight and we got a look at the next monster coming to the line and it’s Eye Guy. Eye Guy will have 2 sets of hands, his floating eye accessory, and an energy effect. And I have to admit he’s one of the grossest monsters they ever made.

The official release date for these items is January 1, 2022 but I’m willing to be we’ll be seeing them a lot sooner if history stands on release dates for this line. See y’all in the toy section.

Jason The X

“So Hasbro, what else ya got?”

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