Power Rangers X Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael and Foot Soldier Tommy 2 Pack

Okay first off, I do not appreciate Hasbro changing their announcement of this pack from a Green Ranger Shredder to a Foot Soldier Tommy. They clearly saw my prediction in yesterday’s article here and decided to make me look foolish in front of the Super Cool Nerd Nation. It’s okay Hasbro I understand how you hate people to beat you to your own announcements. But the inevitable is here as the third two-pack of the Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover is here and it’s Raphael as the Red Ranger and Tommy as a Foot Soldier.

I like the inclusion of three energy effects in this set and I love how the sais look combined with the Power Sword. It’s still a solid set though they didn’t include the Shredder which I’m sure somewhere down the road we will get. The contents of the boxes are as follows.

  • Morphed Raphael figure
    • 2 Head sculpts
    • 2 Sai
    • Effect piece
  • Foot Soldier Tommy
    • 2 Head sculpts
    • Sword
    • 2 Effect pieces

I’m still holding out we get the ninja rangers and Shredder at some point because Hasbro loves to squeeze everything they can out of MMPR. But why wouldn’t you? They started this in the states. They are the OG’s and their legacy will not be denied. Look for this set with the others October 2021. You can preorder at Big Bad Toy Store.

Jason The X

“Seriously. No Shredder? How dare you Hasbro. Follow me on the socials @JasonTheX”

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