Power Rangers X TMNT Morphed Shredder Revealed

It’s been a good week for these TMNT/Power Rangers Crossover figures from the Boom Studios event. We’ve covered the Raph/Tommy pack, Mikey and April, and Leo and Donny. But what’s a bunch of do gooders without a villain?

We all figured this was coming but it’s confirmed now. Here’s our Shredder as the Green Ranger. I have to say I love this design. Look at that cloth cape. The gold and silver on the blades. That helmet is amazing looking. Can you tell I like it yet? So the accessories in the box include.

  • Morphed Shredder figure
  • Alternate pair of hands
  • 2 Effect pieces

This is coming this October so you’ll need to be prepared for those preorders when they hit. I’m still holding out for the Rangers in their ninja garb. Maybe an Amazon box set? Come on Hasbro. Hook me up here.

Jason The X

“Unbelievable they changed the two pack to prove me wrong. Follow me on the socials @JasonTheX”

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