South Park Renewed through Season 30 and 14 Movies

South Park first aired in August 1997. I need to preface this article as Variety is now confirming here that ViacomCBS has contracted creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to produce the series to a 30th season and 14 movies. The deal has been a reported 900 million dollars over six years. This is understandable as South Park has been a constant hit at Comedy Central for 25 years and is still a proven money maker with merchandise as well. A comment by Parker and Stone says,

“Comedy Central has been our home for 25 years and we’re really happy that they’ve made a commitment to us for the next 75 years. When we came to ViacomCBS with a different way to produce the show during the pandemic, Chris (McCarthy), Nina (Diaz), Keyes (Hill-Edgar) and Tanya (Giles) were immediately supportive and enabled us to try something new that turned out to be really well received. We can’t wait to get back to doing traditional South Park episodes but now we can also try out new formats. It’s great to have partners who will always take a chance with us.”

Honestly, I’m a fan of South Park and I don’t want to see it end. The show has always been a hit with fans, and I don’t see it losing popularity enough that it would be cancelled. South Park as far as I’m concerned can live like the Simpsons, eternally.

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