Stranger Things Season 4 Posters

Season 4 of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things is coming back this Spring, and Summer. Th series is set to be released in two parts premiering May 27th and Volume 2 premiering July 1st. The official Twitter account posted 4 new posters for the upcoming return depicting some settings crucial to the series. And a little message from the Duffer Brothers to the fans.

Now these posters fall in line with the previous trailers we saw a few months ago. California, where Eleven is living now. The Creel House, that we saw some of the characters investigating and apparently . A creepy hallway of the facility where Eleven was created. And of course, Russia where Hopper is being held prisoner.

These kids aren’t getting any younger and we only have so many more years before they graduate from child actors to adult actors. There will only be one more season after this one so expect Season 4 to put some serious stakes out there to bring you back for the final season. I’m hoping this series ends a spectacularly as when it debuted. Stranger Things debuts May 27th 2022 on Netflix.

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