Super 7 Official G.I. Joe Reveal

Okay I’m going to make this short because we did cover it, but I will start off by saying I was 3 for 4 on my picks for this line and that Super 7 made a mistake not listening to me.

So, our official lineup for this series will be Duke, Cobra Commander, a B.A.T. Android, and Commando Snake-Eyes with Timber.

So, you have to have Duke. Leader of the team, the guy that mainly yells “Yo Joe!” He is a must, also I called it.

  • 3 interchangeable heads
    • Regular head
    • Yelling head
    • Headset head
  • 8 interchangeable hands
    • 2x Rifle handle grip hands
    • 2x Fist hands
    • 2x Rifle grip hands
    • 1x Pointing left hand
    • 1x Saluting right hand
  • Watch
  • Walkie talkie
  • Laser Rifle
  • Helmet (vintage toy inspired)
  • M-16 Rifle (vintage toy inspired)
  • Backpack (vintage toy inspired)
  • Binoculars (vintage toy inspired)

Next up you get Cobra Commander and wow you guys could not do the hooded head? Okay I’m sounding ungrateful, allow me to digress. Oh, and totally called it.

  • 2 interchangeable heads
    • Toy accurate head
    • Animation accurate head (silver stripe on top)
  • 10 interchangeable hands
    • 2x Fist hands
    • 2x Rifle/Binocular Grip hands
    • 2x Pistol Grip hands
    • 1x Open hand
    • 1x Pointing hand
    • 1x Clenched Right Scepter hand
    • 1x Snake/Globe hand
  • Soft goods red cape
  • Rifle
  • Commander pistol
  • Alternate pistol
  • Snake scepter
  • Remote detonator
  • Cobra binoculars
  • High freq gun
  • Synthoid neutralizer

But now we have come to the mistake. You guys went with a B.A.T. instead of Baroness? How dare you go against my call for a Baroness. But I’m going to let you slide Super 7 because this B.A.T. looks awesome. I love the effects pieces and all the options make him a perfect army builder figure.

  • 2 interchangeable heads
    • Regular head
    • Battle-damaged head with clear sparks
  • 6 interchangeable hands
    • 2x Fist hands
    • 2x Rifle grip hands
    • 2x Pistol grip hands
  • Removable clear chest cover
  • Claw arm attachments
  • Gun arm attachments
  • Torch arm attachments
  • Backpack
  • Rifle
  • Pistol (fits in holster)
  • Grenades (attaches to chest)
  • Battle-damaged lower arm
  • Battle-damaged neck with clear sparks
  • Clear electrical damage spark (attaches to chest)

Last but certainly not least we get Snake-Eyes. But I applaud Super 7 because thy went with first appearance Snake-Eyes from the cartoon. Granted they stick with that appeal on most of their releases. Also, I know some of you are wondering what is with that color choice? Well, they are staying cartoon accurate with this line so that is what we had then so that’s what we’re getting now.

  • 8 interchangeable hands
    • 2x Fist hands
    • 2x Rifle grip hands
    • 2x Pistol grip hands
    • 2x Trigger finger hands
  • Laser rifle
  • Pistol
  • Radioactive canister
  • Walkie talkie
  • Jet pack
  • Articulated Timber figure

All of these figures are up for pre-order right now on the Super 7 Store. They are all retailing for $55.00 and are expected to release in Spring of 2022. Pre-orders close August 16th.

Jason The X

“Also, I fully expect that Snake-Eyes to get a black redeco. Follow me @JasonTheX”

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