The Quest coming to Disney +

Okay so Disney released a teaser for this show not too long ago, and I admit I was interested. Hey I’m into sword and sorcery fantasy series. But this beautiful looking show with these awesome special effects, makeup, and acting, is a reality show.

Coming May 11th,2022 is this new show from the producers of Lord of the Rings, Queer Eye, and Amazing Race is Disney Plus’s new reality series that pits eight teenage contestants who will be our Paladins as they compete in unique tests of skill to fulfill a prophecy and save a realm. The action takes place in the kingdom of Everrealm. I still can’t believe I’m talking about a reality show and I’m legit excited for this.

So, our contestants for this eight episode series are David from Waldorf, Maryland. Serean from Tenino Washington. Holden from Northridge, California. Myra from Queens, New York. Shaan from San Ramon, California. Ava from Northwood, New Hampshire. Caden from Sugarland, Texas, and Toshani from Schenectady, New York. They will interact with a cast of nobles, soldiers, and magic beings played by Princess Adaline (played by Racquel Jean-Louis, Prince Emmett (played by Braeden De La Garza), Prince Cedric (played by Elliott Ross), Mila (played by Emily Gateley), Dravus (played by Harry Aspinwall), King Silas (played by Kerwin Thompson), and Sorceress Tavora (played by Melissa Mehrabian).

I love the idea and concept behind this series and as a father I enjoy things I can watch with my kids. This is no small production and on par with some current series playing out there. Nothing looks cheap or a half measure. Look at the costumes alone they’re phenomenal. I can’t wait to check this out so look for it May 11th, 2022 only on Disney Plus.

Jason The X

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