The Suicide Squad Movie Review

Well when you call a movie The Suicide Squad you need to deliver on certain aspects going in. And The Suicide Squad delivers on that. I admittedly was not that big of a fan of the first outing by David Ayers. It was okay but it didn’t think it was great. This movie is a far cry from that first movie because it is probably one of the most comic book feeling movies I have watched in a while. Others have established their own style but the visuals in this movie make it feel like this story is being told panel by panel. And when I saw visual elements there are a lot going on all over this movie never does it feel forced and completely makes sense for the scene it’s used in. I feel like that James Gunn wanted to make something that was a message to the company that fired him that I’m pretty good at this whole movie thing, maybe you should put some more zeroes on the end of that check. But moving on from companies wrongfully firing people then rehiring them after a knee jerk reaction. The Suicide Squad is some fine work in film and it’s due a great director, story, and cast.

So I’m not going to post any spoilers but if you like anyone in this movie then you need to read the title again. The movie is called The Suicide Squad these people will die, and the best thing is you will not see them coming. I’m just saying don’t be shocked when one of these fools dies. I almost feel like I got swerved a bit in the promos and that’s exactly what those promos should have done. The story flows very well and never feels bogged down. Like a good whiskey it starts and finishes well with just a little bit of burn.

Casting I love this cast and if there’s someone you hate, well wait for it because they may not be around too much longer. And if it’s someone you like stop liking them, they will die read the title of the movie. Idris Elba, fantastic. He’s the best Idris Elba he always is. John Cena deserves not one single “You can’t see him” jokes for this movie. John Cena showed a range of acting I have not seen from him. I can see why this character is getting his own series on HBO Max and it was because of the acting quality of John Cena. Margot Robbie, look I did not like Margot Robbie in the first movie. However, after Birds of Prey, I loved her. In this movie I never want anyone else playing Harley on the silver screen. Daniela Melchior is a gem naturally funny and was able to turn on some quality drama when needed. Joel Kinnaman is not the same Flagg character we saw in the first movie. He’s clearly more accepting of leading this squad of the worst of the worst as he’s more accepting of them as useful tools to complete a mission but I did feel he got overshadowed a little bit. And then we reach Viola Davis. Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is just the best. She’s positively frightening. Her face is stone cold ruthlessness and her unflinching attitude towards everything except completing the mission is at 100% most of the movie. But this is Viola Davis we know what she’s capable of and she doesn’t disappoint. And then there’s David Dastmalchian who is one of the most underrated actors out there. Put some respect on the name guys his list of work is large and his performances while not always center stage are consistently good.

Over all The Suicide Squad is absolute fun. The movie has a 132 minute run time and there is a post credits scene. But is worth checking out this weekend and I plan to watch it once more just so I can talk a spoiler review later. The Suicide Squad gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.

Jason The X

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