Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy – Kingdom Trailer

So here we are. The last of the trilogy of the Transformers: War for Cybertron Series. Which started okay, mediocre in the middle, but now looking a bit more exciting. This final installment of the trilogy sees the crew of The Ark finally make their way to Earth in search of the Allspark but from the trailer they may be too late and it looks like they aren’t the only bots on this planet.

Now if you’ve been following the toyline like I have you know that this series will introduce the Maximals and Predecons to this trilogy. But these robots merged with the beasts of the planet to gain animal forms they turn into. Why am I explaining the Beast Wars to you? Because there might be some normal non versed in the illustrious history of Transformers and they deserve a few minutes to understand what we are talking about here. Now I am a huge fan of Beast Wars and celebrate the return of these characters and also pray to the Allspark this finale isn’t terrible.

So will I watch, yes. I’ve already gone two parts into this thing of course I’m going to finish it. But man I have had a hard time truly enjoying this series. I can not accept that the voice talents of the original actors wasn’t utilized especially after hearing from the mouths of Peter Cullen and Frank Welker that they had purposefully been passed over. Guys if you want to embrace this lore don’t exclude actors that are a part of it. Transformers WFC – Kingdom debuts July 29th 2021 on Netflix.

Jason The X
“I may not be a huge fan of the series, but the toys are pretty awesome.”

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