Will Poulter to Play Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

It appears we now have confirmation that Marvel Studios has cast Will Poulter as the galactic hero Adam Warlock. Now multiple outlets have made this report but I only get my news from the one person that counts. And that’s the man himself<James Gunn who on his personal Twitter account tweeted this out.

It doesn’t get more official that that guys. When the director states it, it’s happening. But who is Adam Warlock? Well if you stayed till the end of the credits of GOTG Vol. 2 you’ll know that the defeated Sovereign were incubating what they called a perfect creature named Adam. Mind you a lot of us nerds were screaming at this point as the Sovereign were essentially replacing The Enclave who created Adam in the comics. Adam Warlock is a very powerful being with enhanced speed and strength, flight, energy absorption, fast healing, cosmic awareness, telepathy, and a lot more. Oh, and he’s immortal and can wield Infinity Stones. Now following his appearance in comics he encountered Thor very early so I can see that with Chris Hemsworth confirmed to be in the new movie. Adam Warlock arriving in the MCU is a game changer people. Also if this means more adventures in space I’m here for it.

GOTG Vol. 3 will begin filming later this month with a premiere slated for May 5th 2022.

Jason The X

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