Willow TV Series Trailer

The nostalgia train is leaving the station and you need to get onboard because after 34 years we’re finally getting a sequel to the 1988 movie Willow. Now if you have no idea what I’m talking about then fire up your Disney Plus and watch Willow. Right now, I’ll see you after the 126 minute runtime. Okay you’re good? Now check out this trailer for the new Willow series coming to Disney Plus November 30, 2022.

So this is a thing that I have been waiting to happen since it was hinted at back in 2019. Well the big announcement was made during Star Wars Celebration, how dare they mix this in with my Star Wars, but I’ll allow it because I love it. The series will bring back Warwick Davis in the titular role of Willow, a dwarf sorcerer who apparently since the film has gained quite a bit more power. A princess reached out to him to accompany her and others on a quest to rescue her brother and will be set 20 years since the events of the last movie. The new series will also see Joanne Whalley return to her role as Sorsha from the original film. With her daughter Kit Sorsha who will be played by Ruby Cruz. Erin Kellyman will play Jade and servant with dreams of becoming a warrior, Ellie Bambe is a maid named Dove, and Amer Chadha-Patel plays Boorman a thief the party ends up rescuing.

Excitement is an understatement on this one. I guess it’s never too late for a sequel to a fan favorite property especially one like Willow. Look for this one on Disney Plus November 30th, 2022

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