Blue Beetle Non-Spoiler Review

Someone cracked the code over at DC and Warner Brothers. You see people have been experiencing a little thing called superhero movie fatigue but it could be just mediocre movies in general. Well put all that aside because Blue Beetle is a great movie.

Blue Beetle is an adaptation from DC comics and tells the story of Jaime Reyes first appearing in comics in 2006. Since then, the character has appeared in various comics, animated series, video games and now in this full length feature. The story takes place in the fictional city of Palmera City as a recent college graduate Jaime Reyes comes home to find his family in turmoil coupled with the fact that he’s just been handed a device that turn out to be a world destroying weapon that bonds with him on a symbiotic level. As Jaime bonds with this armor that can create almost any weapon he can imagine other forces look to remove it from him to create something more sinister.

So this movie is just very well written, with a strong and hilarious cast, and a look that I can actually see the action and effects even when it’s dark. You movies out there know who you are. Xolo Maridueña is an actor I really enjoyed in Cobra Kai and I’m glad to see him taking on this role because he knocked it out of the park. Literally can’t find any complaints with his performance and for the rest of the cast the chemistry was there. Damián Alcázar as Alberto Reyes and Elpidia Carrillo as Rocio Reyes play their parts as the loving Father and mother of Jaime perfectly with very strong performances while on screen they make their impact. Belissa Escobedo who plays Jaime’s younger sister Milagro Reyes is a gym and they come across as one of the most believable brother sister acts I’ve seen in a while. George Lopez plays Rudy Reyes Jaime’s uncle and of course he’s the comedy relief for the movie and he nailed that. And Adriana Barraza Jaime’s Grandmother, well Nana is awesome. Singer and Actress Becky G provides the voice for Kahji-Da the symbiote and I kinda wish we had more of her in tis movie but hey it’s not Venom. Susan Sarandon is one of the villains of the film playing Victoria Kord the sister of Ted Kord the original Blue Beetle who’s also the CEO of Kord Industries in his absence. And at her side is Raoul Max Trujillo play her right hand man Conrad Carapax also known in comics as the Indestructible Man. Lastly Bruna Marquezine plays Jenny Kord who’s trying to get control of Kord Industries from her aunt and preserve her father’s legacy.

This movie had genuinely laugh out loud moments, tearful ones, and great suspenseful ones. It had everything I would want in this kind of movie. Director Ángel Manuel Soto really brought it all together because this movie has a lot of heart. Something that we saw in the latest installment of Guardians of the Galaxy. These actors really brought the family aspect to this film and it’s realistic and endearing. It never felt forced or cringy it just felt genuine. Of course I always want more action in a superhero film but the dynamic of Raoul Trujillo who first comes off as your standard thug serving an evil boss unveils itself like layers to give more depth to a character who you may not have been all that vested in. I said Becky G needed more time but honestly it fit the character to get to the point, make it, and be ready for the next one. This is a much needed win for DC after a few misses at the box office. Not only was it good the first time around, but I’m also eager to give it another look. Now I promised no spoilers but yes you need to stay till the credits roll.

Blue Beetle sets itself firmly with other successful superhero movies that have corazón. The ride is very enjoyable and you’ll have some emotional moments and some fast action sequences. Certainly a film the whole family can enjoy with a cast that truly shines on screen. It even has enough easter eggs and nods to source material that will leave comic fans happy. This is how your weekend should be spent people. It’s a great movie.

Jason The X

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